Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Declaration of intent

Sick and tired of Google's constant bragging?
Its self-proclaimed omniscience, its unavoidable ubiquitousness?

Clever google.

Or has Google got too big for its boots?

Deflate Google's ego and twat it! Make him feel stupid for a change like he has done to all of us who have found ourselves sat in front of his search bar, struggling for something to search for and then, as time passes, feeling more and more hopelessly inadequate and stupid at all the information he can theoretically offer us, annoying us because we can't even think of one measly thing.

The rules are the same as "Google Whacked" except the aim is to get a result with 0 items found instead of a limp and unimpressive 1. 2 words have to be entered in the search bar, without " ", and both must be valid entries in search should yield a result of 0.

Take a screen shot of any successes and E-mail them to:

Please, I implore you, show me your twats!
Or are you too scared or too stupid?
I incite you to play.

(Check out my other blog at: Swedophilia
& 13twelve

Inspired, possiby invented, by my firm, yet supple-bellied comrade, 13twelve. Instead of merely finding a google whack for himself he wanted to be the creator of one and have not an accidental whakc on his site, but a contrived and intended one. His plan involved finding 2 words in google that produced 0 results allowing him to list those on his blog so as to create a whack. He enlisted my help and I swiftly delivered the goods. See my first twat down at the bottom of this blog. I created and named this version of the game.

Each subsequent twat will be listed here so as to create a page of unique whacks.


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